This is one the most universal protective packaging materials.

Bubble wrap is chosen by our customers very often due to its excellent insulating qualities, high flexibility and thornproof. Its great advantage is also the fact that it is easy to fit to the different shapes.

Its features allow to protect the objects from the effects of vibration and bumps, to avoid scratching their surfaces and to save it from wetness and harmful chemicals.

The air bubble film is one of the most commonly used product all over the world to protect sensitive material goods during transport. Thanks to it the packaged product is well protected from all types of scratches and any other possible poundings. For this reason it is often used for packing fragile goods, such as for example ceramics, furniture, glass products, sanitary fittings and heating, or even parts of the car.


As a manufacturer of bubble wrap we deliver it to hundreds of customers who are successfully using it in their different kind of industries. The bubble film can also be laminated using a variety of materials such as HDPE film, paper or polyethylene foam. If you are looking for the answer to the question what material is best suited to protect your goods, it will be just air bubble film. It is produced in the form of rolls, sheets or bags.


Application of the air bubble film:


  • protection from the wetness
  • thermal insulation
  • minimization of the vibrations
  • protection during the transport


The details of the air bubble film:


  • Produced on the basis of strong polyethylene LDPE and HDPE foil
  • Excellent mechanical amortization
  • Waterproof
  • Available in many different sizes of the bubbles.


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