Stretch film is a commonly used name for elastic polyethylene film, which is used primarily for packing and protection of products.

This kind of strech film is one of the best, cheapest and the fastest solutions in packaging technology. It is an ideal packaging material for each load and transport conditions. Not only protects the packaged goods from moving, but also saves it from wetness, rain, dust and dirt what is more prevents from divulsion of the packages on the one pallet.

Our strech foil features are very high quality. Its low thickness, high durability and adhesiveness guarantees the stability of load as well as it reduces the number of layers used to wrap the protected product. Thanks of that packing of your shipment will be more economical.

The standard stretch film is transparent, so you can easily and quickly identify packaged goods. However, we also produce stretch film in different colors such as white, blue, black which is better if you wish to mask goods to protect them from theft.



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